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Posted by on Oct 17, 2015 in Life Reimagined, Travel, Vietnam | 2 comments

Where in the heck is Victor, ID???

Every time I drive over the pass into Victor I have this sense of coming home. Not just because my son and his family live there; although that certainly helps, but the beauty of the community, the warm and friendly people who live there and the outdoor lifestyle makes me want to keep on returning.

I probably would of never been to Victor if my son hadn’t fallen in love with a beautiful young lady and her daughter from Victor. Once he was hooked, he made the valley his home. I can’t say I blame him, my daughter-in-law and her daughter also charmed me right from the start, and now we have Teagan, our first granddaughter and the wonderful bonus of her big sister Addi.

I can hardly explain the beauty of the area, but I will try.  Victor is home to just over 1200 people. The stunning valley sits at 6207 feet above sea level and averages 216 days of sunshine each year. When you are up high in the surrounding mountains as I was on this last visit you can see just how vast and flat this valley is. A perfect place to play for those of us who enjoy outdoor sports. Plenty of trails for hiking and biking in the summer and skiing in the winter.

On this trip I was invited by my daughter-in-law’s family to go 4 wheeling up in the mountains.  We left from their home and drove the 4 wheelers the 2 miles to the trail head and then we were off.  Up and up we went and the views of the valley and the Tetons got better and better. We went up for well over and hour and the only other 4 wheeler we saw was parked, probably left by some hunters who had hiked in farther from the trail.


Getting ready to hit the road, and then the trail.

DSC_0027 (2)

Looking out over the valley


We found a temporary shelter built in the woods – can you see it?


Enjoying the view from up top


Trying to keep up with the more experienced drivers.


Yes – you had better clear the road, this grandma is coming through.

Once we got to the top, besides the incredible views I got to learn something new.  Did you know that spiders “fly” their webs to look for greener pastures?  We saw hundreds of flying webs. The spiders floated with their webs through the air looking for a new tree to alight on. It’s called ballooning, or kiting. The spider will climb as high as it can, stand up on raised legs and release several silk threads into the air. They automatically form a triangular shaped parachute which carries the spider away on the winds.


flying spider web – this photo is from the University of Milwaukee –

My son and his family live slightly out of town surrounded by open space. When walking with my granddaughters we saw a moose on his way to the river. That evening I slept with the window open (love the cool air after months of A/C in Vietnam) and I could hear the coyotes yapping. It is such a spooky sound. Not long after I heard a cow mooing and tried not to think about what might be happening out there.

10-6-15 -1 (10)

Another wild animal out on the range.

The moose were really active on this visit.  We saw several, even one eating the red twig dogwood in a parking lot. I always see at least one, but ending up seeing 4 or 5 on this visit, as well as a herd of elk and some deer. I haven’t seen a bear there yet, although my daughter in law saw one outside their home.  I think any time of year is a good time to visit Victor – in the summer they have a Saturday Farmers Market, and Music on Main on Thursday evening.  In the winter they take advantage of the cold weather to have an ice sculpture exhibit and contest. With the ski resorts nearby, hiking, fishing, golfing and many wonderful restaurants in town, we are never lacking for something to do.

10-6-15 (22)

There are many cabins to rent through AirBNB and Homeaway and is a much more affordable option than Jackson. Driggs is only 8 miles away and a slightly bigger with a large grocery store, although the Victor Market has almost everything you could want, and many more options you don’t need but they look so darn good. Victor is also under 30 miles from Jackson Hole, Wyoming and closer to Targhe Ski Resort.  Yellowstone is a day trip, a week is never long enough to do everything I want to do.

To get to Victor from Seattle there are several options.  Drive – depending on your stops you can do this in one long day, driving on I-90 or heading to Walla Walla and onto Boise.  For those of us who don’t want to drive that far there is also the option to fly into Jackson and drive the 30 miles west over the pass; fly into Idaho Falls and drive one hour east; but the way that I have found the cheapest and best use of my time is the direct flight from Seattle to Boise and renting a car for the 5 hour drive northeast.

This Expat has made good use of her time back in the USA. We are now counting down the days until we head back to Vietnam. Trying hard not to think of leaving our family and friends once again, but looking forward to getting back to work.

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