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Posted by on May 17, 2016 | 2 comments

All Good Things Must Come to an End…


We made it – almost two years to the day since we arrived and we still are enjoying hanging out together.

As we post this blog we are boarding our flight back to the U.S. After two years in this ancient and beautiful country (and at time yes, hot and downright sticky), this segment of our life’s journey has come to a close.

We want to start by reminiscing on the things we will miss the most about this enchanted land.

1. Early morning bike rides with the fragrance of Ban Da Cu (crab noodle soup) wafting thick in the early morning air.
2. The genuine kindness of the people who never cease to surprise us with their smiles and offers of generosity.
3. $10 massages (enough said)
4. Daily farmers markets full of fresh vegetables, fruit and flowers.
5. Sapa (our favorite place in the country)
6. Hoi An (our other favorite city; the amazing cuisine, tailor made clothes, and a great “motor free” walking downtown).
7. Ao Dai outfits, graceful beautiful dresses that women here wear
8. The rich ancient culture and incredible respect for the family and ancestors.
9. Extremely affordable cost of living, seriously dirt cheap!
10. Motor-biking, especially in the countryside
11. Exploring the vast number of beautiful temples and pagoda’s.
12. The use of every vacant piece of property for growing vegetables and flowers.
13. The lack of “road rage’; the patience and understanding people show each other even in high stress situations is inspiring.
14. No guns, no wild west shootings here.
15. And most importantly the very, very good friends we have made. They have made our stay in this foreign land, with an unfamiliar language and ways, so very enjoyable and fun.

Our last few days were full of goodbye’s, some quite tearful. Although excited to get home to our family and friends the time we spent in Vietnam will stay in our hearts for a very long time.

And now – we are ready for our next big adventure, what will it be?

Photo’s from our last few days in Vietnam

Trainer interaction 12-2015

PWA Trainers finishing up with the project

Trainers PWA

John with staff and trainers at goodbye lunch


Yoga goodbye lunch with friends from the Hai Phong International Women’s Club


Our last “event” with friends from Hai Phong Cares.


Saying goodbye to the kids at Hai Phong Orphanage


Our first friend in Vietnam, it was so hard to say goodbye. I hope her kind heart can find its way to visit us in the USA.


Our last day in Hai Phong, visiting with friends at an incredible garden restaurant.


With Phuong (Volunteer Extraordinaire) at the orphanage.



Some of our furniture and my bicycle heading off to their new home.


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  1. Remarkable what you’ve showed us! The respect for others, willingness to try, appreciation for beauty in all its forms!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. This was wonderful to read and see. I am blown away that you’ve been away for two whole years!!! Welcome home!

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