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Posted by on Nov 20, 2015 | 0 comments

Belief Embraces All Differences

Belief embraces all differences was stolen from my meditation this morning but very timely, don’t you think?

I am sure when Oprah and Deepak put together this meditation series they had no idea that another series of terrorists attacks would rock Europe and the debate would open up across the world about how to best protect ourselves from these attacks.

I can’t help but being drawn into this debate as I am sure most of the world also is. No matter how we personally feel there is a reason to be afraid and the desire to protect our families. I let myself be pulled into a Facebook debate yesterday. Luckily I didn’t comment, but I did “like” several comments that agreed with my point of view. What I reflected on for the rest of evening and when I awoke this morning is how angry we are at each other for our different beliefs.  What I am fairly certain of is that there isn’t a “right” way. Only history will tell us if those decisions and judgements we make now are the right ones.

Anyway – back to the meditation and the timeliness of it; Oprah opened by saying, “This is what I know for sure, we are all more alike than different.” Isn’t that the truth? No matter how different our beliefs are we are still alike in that fact that we love our families, we work hard and we care about those around us.  I wish we could focus on that and not on our fear.  Deepak followed up with “Humanity is one family. We can’t be us vs. them.”  The lesson and what we were asked to reflect on is to not focus on our differences, but how alike we really are.

What I know for sure is that we aren’t going to change anyone’s mind by debating these issues over FB, but we need to have face to face conversations with those who believe differently and be respectful when listening to their answers.  I tested that on my visit to the US this summer having many conversations with a family member whose beliefs were very different than mine. I can honestly say that these conversations didn’t change my views, but it opened up a new way to view them. I found myself having a much deeper and greater respect for my family member, and an understanding for his views.

Unfortunately Oprah didn’t pay me to promote the meditation series but if you are looking for a way to learn to meditate by focusing on how to make positive changes in your life, I recommend giving the meditations a try. We are just finishing up our second series which is called, Become What You Believe. The focus is on setting goals and believing that they will happen. It is actually much deeper but it is my mini explanation.

We started our meditation by doing many YouTube guided meditations and happened upon Manifesting Grace Through Gratitude, a series which changed my life. This one is about forgiveness, and if you have been harboring anger towards anyone or just want to be more grateful, I can highly recommend this one.

As you go through your day today try to take the time to listen and remember that we all came from the same place and have the same basic needs.  Our legacy will be how we  manage our differences.

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